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Dream "للحلم بقية" Artpiece
  • Limited Edition Art piece (100) signed by the artist
  • Print size: A1 (84.1x59.4 cm)
  • Original Meduim: Digital 
  • Print Meduim: Canvas streched on wood
  • Copyright Date: 2024
  • Featuring old houses/arches inspired by Bauhaus artistic style and arabic calligraphy.
  • Inspiration by the poem of poet Mahmoud Darwish للحلم بقية وهنا باقون 


Dream "للحلم بقية" Artpiece

  • Delivery is available Locally

    • West bank +20 ILs
    • Jerusalem +30 ILs
    • 48 Areas  +50 ILs

    International shipping is available 

    • Will be determined by sending an email to with your specific order and your location please
    • Non- Refundable
    • No Return Policy
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